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Shounak Roy

He finds pleasure in the hunt for knowledge, eagerly seeking to learn something new about anything that interests him. He describes himself as a simple and peaceful individual, always curious to delve deeper into various subjects. If he comes across someone with shared interests, he enjoys engaging in discussions and exchanging knowledge.

Upholding Indigenous Rights: Navigating Legal Challenges

  23-Feb-2024 | Shounak Roy

Indigenous communities in India have a rich cultural heritage and a deep connection to their lands. However, they often face legal challenges that...

Global Perspectives on Corporate Governance: Contrasts and Convergence

  24-Jan-2024 | Shounak Roy

In India, corporate governance has undergone significant transformation, particularly in the last few decades. However, post-economic liberalization...

Navigating Adoption in the Legal Landscape of India

  15-Jan-2024 | Shounak Roy

Introduction Adoption is a profound and compassionate journey that transforms the lives of both children and prospective parents. In India, this...

Decoding the Supreme Court's Latest Verdict on Article 370

  22-Dec-2023 | Shounak Roy

The recent judgement by the Supreme Court of India on the abrogation of Article 370 has brought significant changes and clarity to the legal and...

Judicial Services Across Different States of India

  27-Nov-2023 | Shounak Roy

The judicial system is a cornerstone of democracy in India, responsible for ensuring justice and upholding the rule of law. Comparing judicial...

Exploring Career Paths: Law, Civil Services and Beyond

  12-Sep-2023 | Shounak Roy

The breadth and depth of professions available to the youth today in India are both inspiring and overwhelming. Whether it's the lure of the legal...

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